Family Trip to Ireland
October 21 - November 1, 2001

by Papa Bear

The Trip

My Sister Gin and her Husband Nari

Me by the River in Downtown Boyle

The Dublin City Marathon: Oct. 29, 2001

I'm Ready for the Race

Mary and I about to leave the Hotel

At Merion Square

In the Pack around Mile 5

Joy and Nari Waiting for the Runners

At St. Stevens Green around Mile 12

On the Last Stretch along the Liffe
... Not Looking so Good ...

Near the End
... Not Feeling so Good ...

The Finish!

The "Long Lost" Cousins

My cousin Kathleen, her husband Sean, her son Gary and his fiance Carmel

Mary Flanagan Greene, Kathleen, Vincent Kelly and Colette, a niece, with my sister and myself in front.
Mary and Vincent are my mother's cousins

The same crowd outside the house.
My grandfather was born on this farm.

Cousin Kathleen and myself.

My sister and I overlooking the family farm.

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