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've put together some stories on this web site that I've written over the years about some of my adventures doing what I love to do when I'm not working. I've been a runner for many years and a hiker for a few (although I did a lot of serious hiking when I was just out of college). Of course I love other things as well, but some (like singing in a choir) are less amenable to stories and picture representation.

My hiking reports fall into two sections: "Backpacking" and "Hiking/Peakbagging". These two categories are not really exclusive of one another — clearly I do a lot of hiking and I climb numerous peaks when I'm backpacking. But my hiking/peakbagging section is mostly about day hikes, and my backpacking trips are targeted at traversing a particular trail (such as the Appalachian Trail) and almost always involves an overnight stay on the trails. I've called the "Hiking/Peakbagging" section by that combination name to make clear that not all my hikes are to peaks. Many of them are just to nice places.

In the backpacking section you will enjoy accounts of hikes along the AT and other trails from West Virginia to Maine with many fine pictures taken along the way - including a couple of albums of wild flowers.

In the hiking/peakbagging section you will see reports of climbs of many of New England's highest peaks as well as a few outside the North-east.

The running section include a couple of stories of the Boston Marathon, the Hood to Coast Relay, The Philadelphia Half Marathon and many interesting and fun runs in Central Park and around the country.

Forum Posts –

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rom about 2004 to 2011 I made a number of posts on the Views from the Top Forums which were hiking or peakbagging related and on the Geocaching Benchmarking Forum which were related to finding survey mrkers (commonly called "Benchmarks") and boundary monuments. Many of my posts document interesting treks and finds and the reports never made it into my own web sites so Im migrating the best ones to this site while adapting them to my format. Click the logo (just above) or the "Forum Posts" tab on the menu bar at the top or bottom of this page. You'll see some stuff that's never been on this site before.

My Running Blog –

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've enhanced my running section by creating a running blog entitled "Beyond Central Park", and included a large number of posts written in the last couple of years that never made it to this web site, plus the best of the best from the older reports from the running page on this site. Just click on the banner at the left and you'll get to the blog. I've also included more information on the posts on the blog which you can see on the running page. Enjoy!

So just click on of the links below and enjoy the reports, stories or family trips.

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Happy Running / Hiking!

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